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The Lightning ThiefEdit

Percy Jackson is just a normal 12 year old kid with ADHD, but all of that changes when he goes on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Zeus' Master Bolt has been stolen, and everybody blames Percy.Nancy Bobofit, a kleptomatic girl in his class, torments Percy and Percy's best friend Grover, he gets angry and the water in the fountain pulls her in. He doesn't remember doing anything, saying he didn't push her, and when Mrs. Dodds, his mean math teacher, pulls him back, Grover(as his protector), says that he pushed her. Mrs.Dodds doesn't believe him, and takes Percy into another room. There, she turns into her true form, a Fury, and attacks Percy, demanding the Master Bolt. Percy doesn't know what she's talking about. Just then, Mr. Brunner, Percy's teacher, comes in and tosses Percy his ballpoint pen, shouting to uncap it. When Percy does, it becomes Mr. Brunner's favorite bronze sword. He then attacks Mrs.Dodd's, and she explodes into dust.

Camp-Half BloodEdit

Grover and Percy's mother, Sally, rush him to Camp-Half Blood, a camp for demi-gods. There Percy finds out he is the son of Poseidon, the sea god.But right before they could reach camp, they got into a fight with a Minotaur, a monster that is half man, half bull. Percy and Grover make it through the camp border, ensuring they are safe, but Sally can't go through, since she is not a demi-god. The minotaur grabs her, and Percy runs out of the border, going to fight it. He kills the minotaur, keeping half of its horn as a prize, but his mother is gone. Grover takes him back to camp, where he falls unconcious.

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