Percy and Annabeth sitting on the pier

Welcome to the WikiEdit

Hi my name is Casey. I love percy jackson and wanted to make a Percabeth wiki. I am a HUGE Percabeth shipper(down with Prachel!). Anyone can contribute, but don't change the Heading names because it bugs me to change them back. Thanks, Casey.


Percabeth is the pairing of Percy Jackson(Percabeth) and Annabeth Chase(Percabeth). They have been best friends since the Lightning Thief, when Annabeth went on the quest with Percy to help find the Master Bolt.At the end of the Last Olympian, they kiss in the lake, which Percy describes as "pretty much the best underwater kiss of all-time." In The Lost Hero, it states that Annabeth and Percy are dating, and when Percy goes missing, Annabeth searches desperately for him.

Latest activityEdit

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